I am so happy that I found Fresh Is Best®! I have always tried to feed my animals natural foods (raw meat, veggies, etc) and have been unsuccessful in finding a pre-mixed product that just “did it for me” (or the animals of course) until now. I have been using this product for approx 11 months, I couldn’t be happier with the food that they have to offer! I have a 3yr old Jack Russell Terrier named Roxy that I have taken under my roof since Dec ’07. She is wonderful! She was on “kibble”, store bought food, when I got her, but she needs the extra goodness that raw offers. She only has 3 legs, but don’t fear it doesn’t stop her you’d never know she did by the way she runs around and plays!! She transitioned so well from store bought to the raw, I did it immediately.

We also have a cat that I have had for years, who is approx 10 yrs old, that I offered to take care of for a friend that I worked with because they had to move to and couldn’t keep him. When I got him he was overweight, lazy, no sparkle, sad really. His head and tail were so disproportioned to his body he looked so funny at the time. I had started him on the raw diet the same time as Roxy and WOW what a difference he looks and acts like a different cat. The change in him happened with in the first couple of weeks of starting him on the raw diet! Within a month he had already lost weight and had a different personality.

There isn’t another company out there that is comparable, at least in my book and I have tried a few. There are so many positives about the food I could go all day with reasons for you to buy it but here are just a few, healthy teeth and gums, very little waste (poop), makes them have a certain sparkle that you notice right away if you are switching from kibble to raw, healthy coat, just an overall difference in your pet, really. If you don’t believe me I challenge you to try and see the difference for yourself, and your pet will love you for it.

Thank you so much for making my pets happier and healthier!

Marrissa D.
Williams Bay, WI