Pet Food Meal Toppers

Let Fresh Is Best® Tasty Trimmings fortify your pet’s food bowl with our freeze-dried pet food toppers. Have a picky eater? Can’t afford to feed exclusively raw on your budget? Both dogs and cats will benefit from adding our freeze-dried, raw meal topper to their regular food. Multi-pet or large-pet homes can still provide raw meat to fortify the food bowls of their companion animals while also sticking to their budget.

Tasty Trimmings freeze-dried, raw pet food toppers are made with the same high-quality ingredients as our freeze-dried dog food and cat food and are slowly freeze-dried to lock in all the healthy nutrients for superior nutrition. Our freeze-dried Meal Toppers are natural – no preservatives, no fillers, and low-carb – so it's nutritionally-dense and minimally processed.

We vacuum seal with high oxygen barrier bags so Fresh Is Best® freeze-dried meal toppers have the ultimate freshness. We only use meats that are human-quality, humanely raised, and described as: USDA grass-fed, cage-free, crate-free, antibiotic-free, and wild-harvested because we care. It really is the best.

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