Freeze-dried “anytime snacks” without any guilt…

Freeze-Dried Meat Treats for Dogs and Cats are truly the best reward you can give your pet. People ask us “What’s your best seller?” Our answer: “The entire selection.”

Freeze-Dried Meat Treats are considered very “high-value” by trainers on walks, groomers & handlers at the show, or everyday customers who like to pamper their best friend at home. Your pet will show you with excitement that these are the best tasting, nutritionally dense, carb-free snack on the market.

Each small-batch of treats is carefully prepared; slowly freeze-dried, packaged qucikly in high-quality bags, for superior nutrition and freshness. These treats are sold almost as fast as they are produced, they are that fresh!

We only use meats described as: pastured, grass-fed, cage-free, crate-free, antibiotic-free and wild-harvested because we care. It really is the best.


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