The Best Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food

At Fresh is Best® we believe in the Prey Animal Concept for dogs, where they thrive on fresh meat, fat, minerals from bone, and plant-based fiber just as they would when hunting and foraging in the wild. Dogs don’t need processed, starchy fillers and preservatives that make regular dry dog food cheaper and last long periods in warehouses.

Only Fresh & Raw Ingredients

All our freeze-dried dog food recipes contain raw ingredients that are 100% natural, free from grains, white potato, peas, legumes, and tapioca flour or other starches. Each one is also made with fresh, whole fruits and veggies, never dried pomace, or powders, providing healthy, superior nutrition for your dog that meets or exceeds AAFCO standards. Our dog foods are minimally processed, slowly freeze-dried in small batches, and packaged in high oxygen barrier bags, so you get the taste and nutrition as if you prepared it yourself. At Fresh Is Best®, we only use meats that are human-quality, humanely raised, and described as: USDA grass-fed, cage-free, crate-free, antibiotic-free, and wild-harvested because we care. Our dog food really is the best.

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