The Prey Animal Concept…

Dogs thrive on fresh meat, fat, minerals found in bone and plant-based fiber, just as they would hunting and foraging in the wild. They don’t need processed fillers and preservatives that make regular dry dog food cheaper.

All of our Freeze-Dried Dog Food Recipes are 100% free from grains, white potato, peas, legume and tapioca flours or other starches. Only fresh, whole fruits and veggies are used; never dried pomace or powders.

Each craft-made, small-batch is minimally processed as if you mixed it up yourself. Then it’s slowly freeze-dried and packaged for superior nutrition and freshness.
We only use meats described as: pastured, grass-fed, cage-free, crate-free, antibiotic-free and wild-harvested because we care. It really is the best.


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