Hi Fresh Is Best®,

I have to tell you that your raw food has made an incredible difference in my dog’s life. Lucy is my 7 year old best friend and has had seasonal skin allergies on her back the last 4 years. It was heartbreaking to watch Lucy try and itch her back and roll in the grass for any relief every chance she got and she was always wanting me to itch her back. I could tell she was miserable and it broke my heart. I have taken Lucy to many vets, even an allergy specialist. We have done allergy tests and taken too many steroid pills to count. The steroid pills would just mask the problem. This year, the steroid pills were not even giving Lucy any relief. I heard through a friend about Fresh Is Best® raw food. I looked on-line and became intrigued. But Lucy was allergic to things outside, and not to food, so I didn’t understand how changing her food could work. I called your office about 2 months ago and Bill answered the phone. We spoke for 30 minutes and he took the time to answer all of my questions. Bill was so helpful and made me a believer and told me that a no grain, raw diet has done wonders for dogs with allergies. Bill also suggested I purchase salmon oil and a digestive aid as well. That night I purchased the Fresh Is Best® raw frozen food and started transitioning Lucy over to that food. What did I have to lose? After a week she was eating only raw frozen food and no grain treats. Her allergies went away and within another week she had no itching at all. Her coat is shinier and softer than ever! This is the time of year when her allergies are the worst and she has not itched in 2 months. I can’t thank Stacy & Bill enough for making this food and making a dramatic change in my life and my dog’s life. She is no longer miserable and trying to itch her back. I wish I would have known about you sooner, but thankfully I found a solution and I don’t have to give Lucy any more steroid pills. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I want to spread the word to anyone that has a dog with allergies. Try this raw food and see the change yourself. Lucy now eats raw no grain kibble in the morning and raw frozen food at night. She is happy, healthy and the best friend I could every ask for. Thank you!!!

Oneda Young
Wauwatosa, WI

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