Earl Grey Gives 2 paws Up!

Hi there at Fresh is Best®!

My name is Earl Grey and I absolutely LOVE your freeze dried turkey heart (fillets and nuggets), beef livers, and chicken breast!!!  My mommy uses them to train me [frown frown] but she says I’m a little food whore and I cannot deny that I can high-five, low-five, sphynx, and go up on my hind paws because of your freeze dried treats (maybe you could tell my mommy to give me treats without having to work for them – she only does that when I get my monthly baths).

My doctor (Dr. Ankone of All About Cats [cats only hospital]) says freeze dried meat treats are good for me, too!  None of that processed stuff!

Fangs fur making such great treats!

Earl Grey Chen
Irvine CA

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