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Chico’s and Teddy’s Success Stories

Fresh Is Best has been my family's go-to food for our dogs for years! Chico (pictured sitting in grass) is my family dog who I grew up with. He became a finicky eater with age, and Fresh Is Best has been a lifesaver for us. Chico looks forward to his meals for the past 5+ years since we started feeding him Fresh Is Best, and our vet said that his bloodwork results came back much better after we started feeding him this [...]

Chico’s and Teddy’s Success Stories2022-10-17T09:06:06-05:00

Olive’s Story – 5 years of Fresh Is Best

I introduced Fresh is Best products to my older (10+ years) dachshund, Olive, following her diagnosis of full blown Lyme disease - the symptoms of which masked, or exacerbated, a concurrent flare up of degenerative disc disease. The poor dog was in rough shape and I wanted to do everything possible to help her recover and live a long life thereafter. Now, after 5 years of eating Fresh Is Best Freeze Dried Recipes exclusively, and approaching the age of 16!, [...]

Olive’s Story – 5 years of Fresh Is Best2022-03-16T11:04:28-05:00

Snapdragon’s Favorite Food

Snappy never adapted to cat food and has a nutrition problem - she just quits eating and then her liver enzymes get out of control, body starts shutting down. We have to keep her eating and your products have done just that! She started with chicken breast, graduated to chicken hearts, duck hearts and necks and I made the mistake of ordering duck breasts thinking it would be a treat....well, of course she loves them! She’s like a kitten that [...]

Snapdragon’s Favorite Food2022-03-16T11:04:28-05:00

Shumai is a Survivor!

Our dog, Shumai, a 13-year-old Shih Tzu rescue, was diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera, a rare blood cancer back in March. There is really only one form of chemotherapy treatment. She rejected the treatment, lost most of her hair, and lost a significant portion of her body weight as she refused to eat pretty much anything... except her Fresh is Best Duck Heart Bites. In addition, she developed vestibular disease which also affected her appetite due to the nausea from the [...]

Shumai is a Survivor!2022-03-16T11:04:28-05:00

Mister D is a “Fresh Is Best Foodie”

I purchased a tiny Toy Fox Terrier. When I received the little guy, he definitely had GI problems and did terribly on regular commercial dog feed. Fortunately someone directed me to Fresh is Best® and we have ever looked back since. It took him roughly 8 months to get his GI problems resolved, but the improvement was slow and steady. Today he is a sturdy 7 pound racing fit Toy Fox Terrier who enjoys his life very much and is [...]

Mister D is a “Fresh Is Best Foodie”2022-03-16T11:04:28-05:00

Gwen’s Story

I started feeding my 2yr old cat Fresh Is Best freeze dried beef recipe a few months ago with her food, and I have seen such changes in her since! After I adopted her from the shelter I wanted to find some better quality food to switch her to, so I tried your brand. Since we changed over she is more active, her long haired coat is softer, and she walks around meowing when her bowl runs out (something she [...]

Gwen’s Story2022-03-16T11:04:28-05:00

Skippy’s Story

My cat loved these treats. He was finicky with food and when diagnosed with renal failure, didn't eat too much. But he loved the dried duck hearts! He never turned them down. We currently have a dog and two cats that absolutely love these treats. Although they are a bit expensive, they are definitely worth the money! Good job! Nanette & Skippy Dedham, MA

Skippy’s Story2022-03-16T11:04:28-05:00


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