Luca & Leila – Forever Young

This time last year Luca, my rescued 11 yr old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was a new Foster arriving at my home an untreated diabetic, morbidly obese with all manner of diabetic co-morbidities as well as being depressed. His elderly owner was no longer able to care for him and was being tended at home with caregivers that didn’t know what to do about Luca’s problems.  After 6 mo. of fostering and caring for Luca I became a “Foster Failure” and adopted him as my own darling boy. He has a “sister, Leia, also a rescue, who has been with me since 2012.

Anyway, once our vet educated me about diabetes and how to administer his insulin, we got him on heart meds and a proper grain free *High Animal Protein Diet*. He lost 3/4 of the excess weight within eight months. Some of his severe joint pain was happily lessened by then, too. His diet included plenty of chopped fresh, steamed seasonal vegetables for fiber and satiety as well. Leia also trimmed off a couple of lbs eating this healthier diet, and really enjoys the yummy meaty treats from Fresh Is Best®, which she shares with her new best buddy. Everybody is trimming down with the new high protein, low carb, raw lifestyle! Lighter weight means happier joints so now exercise is more fun. Longer walks and playtime for everyone!

Luca gets his insulin shots right after meals, 12 hrs apart at 9am/9pm.  Right after his injection, out came a Fresh Is Best® goodie, usually a Chicken or Duck Heart Bite, his favorite Cavalier Cardiac SuperFood and reward for being such a Great Diabetic Canine Warrior! Lots of cuddles are administered post injection as well. Sometimes both pups get crunchy chew treats after breakfast in the form of Fresh Is Best® freeze dried chicken necks as calcium supplements and natural avian toothbrushes, too. I have to laugh, because it sounds a bit like they’re grrrunching down on a HYOUUUGE mouthful of potato chips when they eat these. Cavalier Spins inevitably ensue when I open up the treat jar and trill “Who wants a “Chickie?? Chickie! Chickieeee!!!” when it’s time for a Neck treat.

One would not expect such puppy-like antics from a nine year old girl and 11 year old boy taking a handful of “elder dog” medications and who was *almost dead* just 12 months ago – but yes, they do gambol and caper around like kids when the treat jar lid makes it’s telltale fpp! and ping! upon opening. They’re both happy and healthy doggies, so Momma’s happy, too. Keep up the good work, Fresh Is Best®! If you have a diabetic or overweight dog, this is good stuff. Try it!

Catherine N.
Los Gatos, CA

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