Fresh Is Best has been my family’s go-to food for our dogs for years! Chico (pictured sitting in grass) is my family dog who I grew up with. He became a finicky eater with age, and Fresh Is Best has been a lifesaver for us. Chico looks forward to his meals for the past 5+ years since we started feeding him Fresh Is Best, and our vet said that his bloodwork results came back much better after we started feeding him this fresh and unprocessed food. A few weeks ago, I got myself my very own puppy: Teddy (pictured with his tongue sticking out). The pet shop sent us home with kibble that Teddy refused to eat, and my mom suggested that I purchase a bag of Fresh Is Best, which I did right away. It was delivered two days later. To no one’s surprise, Teddy licked the bowl clean and is walking over to his plate every few minutes hoping for more. Phew! I am one relieved dog-mom. I feel secure knowing that I am feeding my dogs fresh, human-grade food, which has kept my older dog in tip-top shape and I am sure will do the same for my puppy. I would also like to add that Fresh Is Best customer service is unbeatable. I just called with a load of questions about how much I should be feeding Teddy, and hung up the phone feeling so well taken care of. This is dog food made with knowledge and care. Thank you guys for helping me take the best care of my dogs!