Steele The Picky Terrier

My dog, Steele, is a 15-year-old rescue AmStaff with a picky palate and a sassy Terrier ‘tude. Caring for him over the last 13 years has taught me a lot about canine nutrition, rehabilitation therapy, and he is the primary reason I became a professional dog trainer.

I started a new training business about 6 months ago to give me more freedom to spend more time with him in his golden years. He is by far my best friend, and a once-in-a-lifetime kind of dog.

Around New Years, he had a sudden onset of idiopathic vestibular disease, which causes nausea and eye twitching; similar to vertigo, it gave him “the spins” and made it hard for him to eat without throwing up. He started to turn down his favorite foods, so medicating him became quite a challenge. How could I give him his anti-nausea and pain medications if he wouldn’t eat *anything* ?

Enter Fresh Is Best, which I found at my local premium pet food store.

He’s very fond of the Lamb Heart Bites, and I’ve been able to hide his smorgasbord of meds inside Turkey Hearts and Duck Hearts! Keeping him medicated properly has allowed him to start eating again. I thought I was going to lose him, but he’s bounced back wonderfully. When I bust out the Lamb Hearts, the way he prances around almost makes me forget his age and his decade worth of rehab therapy.

Thanks so much for offering these high quality treats. Extending my best friend’s happy life has been priceless ❤🐾

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