Nala was a street dog and was tortured and tormented and injured with Machetes in her short life (1 year). Her health was bad.  She was about 15 to 20 lbs underweight as testified by two vets (you can see from the picures I have shared), when we took her in as an emergency rescue.  She gained 5 or 6 lbs so far feeding raw frozen Fresh Is Best®.  Her stool is normal now (was huge, mushy and stinky when eating kibble), she smells normal, the stool as well, and I  am even under the impression, her restless behavior calmed down.

Here is what happened over the past weeks:
– Nala’s stool firmed up nicely.
– Much less poop than with the kibble and less stinky as well.
– Nala had lots of issues with yellow eye goop, all gone without medication.
– She came with a suppressed immun system, after many weeks of antibiotics, anti-fungal meds, prednisone, surgeries for inflamed lymphnodes, bad infected skin etc, we have NO issues anymore, no more infections, wounds heal nicely….
– She had a bad body odor, all gone.
– We even think, her behaviour changed, she seems more stable, calmer, less restless.
– Her fur got better, but still want to see more improvement…..
– Still needs to gain weight, but that takes longer feeding raw I guess….so far 6 lbs gain.

Thanks for your help and your food!

Susanne and Nala
Southeastern WI