Lamb Lover Rooney!

I’ve been doing extensive research on feline nutrition because most pet food available on the market is so processed and unhealthy, and then I discovered Fresh Is Best cat food.

What sets Fresh Is Best apart is its commitment to providing an optimal nutritional balance in cat food with special attention to the bone content.
Unlike many competitors who use a standardized ratio for dogs and cats, Fresh Is Best tailors its formula to meet the specific needs of cats. This precision alleviates my concerns about potential kidney strain.

My cat, Rooney, was immediately hooked once he took a bite of Fresh Is Best. His favorite is their lamb cat food and every single one of their treats. He immediately starts purring when I take out a bag of Fresh Is Best.

Thank you for all the research and hard work you do in producing quality food for our beloved pets.

Love, Rooney and Minae

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