Harmonee is our 14 year old Bedlington Terrier. Prior to switching to Fresh Is Best®, Harmonee was plagued for the past several years with skin reactive food/grass allergies and reoccurring candida infections in her right ear. She has been eating the Fresh Is Best® raw food diet exclusively now for a few months. The first thing that happened was an intense cycle of detoxification that lasted a few weeks (very goopy eye discharges, skin weirdness, loss of appetite, etc.). After that diminished, there were gradual, significant improvements in both the allergies and ear infections. Her energy levels are now also noticeably up, and her coat color and texture have improved (we take a long weekend to visit our parents/in-laws once a month, and everyone has commented on how “good Harmonee is looking now”). Another benefit worth mentioning is the significant reduction of the dogs stool size. Even though our reason for putting Harmonee on Fresh Is Best® products was related to her specific health conditions, we now feel that this raw food diet would be beneficial for any dog (or cat), even if they aren’t suffering from a specific health problem.
Thank you Bill and Stacy for helping our dog be healthier and happier than she has been in years!

Howard, Kathryn and Minda (our 2 year old, daughter) Silvestre
Milwaukee, WI