Billy Cat Makes a Turnaround!

I found a large stray cat on my porch about ten years ago. He was a mess. He was dirty, skinny and full of burrs and scars. I got him inside and cleaned up, but he had terrible diarrhea which wouldn’t go away. It was runny, smelly, and sometimes explosive. Cleanup was a constant chore, and I’m sure he was in quite a bit of distress. I took him to different vets, tried different foods, different medications. Nothing worked. Finally, I gave him Fresh is Best® frozen raw food, including dehydrated treats. The diarrhea stopped! It was amazing and I’m so grateful. I wish I had tried it earlier. I would have saved a lot of money in vet bills and lots of time in cleaning. Plus my boy is healthy and happy now. (:

Sura F.
Milwaukee, WI

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