Our pets are doing so much better on natural food than they did on big brands like Iams, Science Diet and Nutro. Our 8 year old Airdale, Sadie, used to have chronic loose stools which have since disappeared after switching to Fresh Is Best®. She now plays like a puppy and jumps with excitement at mealtime! Our young Tabby mix cat, Carmel , is thriving on these foods and gobbles down his raw food with so much delight!

It makes sense to us that investing in natural foods, especially raw, grain-free, meat-based foods like Fresh Is Best®, is an easy way to help avoid the cost of treating ailments later in a pet’s life. We highly recommend everyone with pets switch to a quality, natural diet to help their pets dodge illness as we have.

UPDATE 2007: Sadie is now 14 years old and has been eating Fresh Is Best® exclusively for the past 4 years. She is hard of hearing and is a little slower to move these days but still has her health in every way and still loves to protect our home from the scary mailman! We believe she wouldn’t be in such good shape at her ripe old age if it weren’t for a raw diet, digestive enzymes and fish oil. Carmel is also 5 years older now and has been on Fresh Is Best® exclusively along with Sadie. He is an outdoor cat much of the time. He eagerly awaits every meal and comes running when it’s time—he’s in perfect health.

Cindy S.
Elkhorn, WI