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Raw Hearts Are Better Than Cooked Hearts

In a previous FAQ, we gave a detailed scientific explanation for why hearts are one of the best sources of taurine you can feed your cat, dog, or ferret. In particular, bird hearts like turkey hearts, chicken hearts, and duck hearts have more taurine than the hearts of most other animals and we explained why this is so. In this article, we will explain why raw hearts are a better source of taurine than cooked hearts. We will also explain why [...]

Raw Hearts Are Better Than Cooked Hearts2022-03-16T11:07:35-05:00

Hearts Have Higher Taurine

Why Hearts Have Higher Taurine If you are a dedicated cat parent who wants keep your kitty as healthy as possible, you've likely already read about the benefits and necessity of feeding your little feline food containing taurine. Furthermore, you may already know that turkey hearts, chicken hearts, and duck hearts are exceptionally high in taurine. What you probably don't know, however, or know in detail, is why this is true. Why are hearts so high in taurine? We answer [...]

Hearts Have Higher Taurine2022-03-16T11:07:06-05:00

Skin Allergies

Analyzing an uncomfortable situation According to a national survey, veterinarians treat more skin disorders than any other problem. So many of us know the heartbreaking, helpless feelings we get when our pet is suffering an allergic reaction. Allergies, which manifest through the skin, are some of the worst maladies a pet must often endure. Whether the itch is localized, causing them to scratch, bite, and lick an area raw, or over the entire body, causing restless nights of shaking and [...]

Skin Allergies2022-03-16T11:06:35-05:00

Raw diets make sense for dogs and cats

Dogs and cats are carnivores All breeds of dogs are 99.9% genetically equivalent to the grey wolf.1 Even the giant and toy breeds hardly differ internally from the wolf. Domestic cats are strict carnivores, requiring even higher levels of protein than dogs to thrive. Over thousands of years, dogs evolved from wolves as humans befriended the good-natured pips lingering around their waste piles, camps, and villages. Dogs will scavenge to stay alive and are considered opportunistic carnivores that will eat some [...]

Raw diets make sense for dogs and cats2022-03-16T11:05:59-05:00

Natural Raw Food and Your Pet: 5 Reasons to Choose Raw

Raw food is a species appropriate diet for dogs and cats.A species appropriate diet is the most important thing we can offer our pets to help maximize life and enjoy their health to the fullest. Fresh raw meat, raw bones and a few items of vegetation are what the canine and feline bodies are designed to utilize for life. Boost your pet's immune system.A diet including raw whole foods served in variation over time will help give your pet a [...]

Natural Raw Food and Your Pet: 5 Reasons to Choose Raw2022-03-16T11:05:28-05:00


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