In Loving Memory of Jade & MacGyver

Jade is the reason Fresh Is Best® exists.   My story with Jade below is now well over a decade old.  Though she crossed the rainbow bridge  back in 2007 at the ripe old age of 14, her legacy continues helping the lives of thousands and thousands of dogs and cats across America every day. MacGyver also lived a very long, happy life, passing in 2010 at almost 16 years old - they are undoubtedly running the beaches together, very happy to know their lives mattered in a big way. 

Jade and MacGyver (written in 2002)

Since switching my German Shepherd, Jade, and my partner's Yellow Lab, MacGyver, to a raw, meat-based diet we have seen many positive changes in their health. Both dogs at ages 5 and 6 have experienced chronic infections in their ears. Jade has had constant yeast infections in both ears that I have tried to control with antibiotics and frequent washings but it always comes back within a few weeks. She also developed Addison's Disease, an auto-immune disorder causing adrenal gland failure.

MacGyver has had problems all his life with sores that would erupt on the under side of his ears and were difficult to heal. We tried several rounds of antibiotics and tubes of ointment, the sores would never completely heal. Prior to switching to a raw diet, both dogs would vomit after eating their dry food about once a week and they would also vomit stomach bile on occasion.

Within two months of eating only a raw, meat-based diet both dogs had completely healed from their infections.

UPDATE 2006: It’s now 6 years since I started feeding Jade only raw food. Her coat is shiny and her eyes are bright. Her energy level now allows ther to play like a much younger dog. Both she and MacGyver enjoy optimum health for senior dogs.  Their breath is fresher and their teeth are whiter than most dogs their age.


Stacy La Point

President and Founder of Fresh Is Best®