1. Raw food is a species appropriate diet for dogs and cats.A species appropriate diet is the most important thing we can offer our pets to help maximize life and enjoy their health to the fullest. Fresh raw meat, raw bones and a few items of vegetation are what the canine and feline bodies are designed to utilize for life.
  2. Boost your pet’s immune system.A diet including raw whole foods served in variation over time will help give your pet a healthy immune system and healthy bones, teeth, coat, and skin.
  3. Avoid common diseases and chronic illness.Raw food along with plenty of exercise and sunshine will help your pets avoid diseases like
    • cancer
    • diabetes
    • heart failure
    • kidney failure
    • auto-immune disorders

    and chronic illnesses like

    • allergies
    • fungal infections
    • digestive disorders
  4. Standard processed pet foods use poor quality ingredients.Today our companion animals are being used as a way to recycle poor quality grains, protein and fats not fit for human consumption, and otherwise considered waste materials from the human food industry, agribusiness and rendering plants. The nutritional values of these ingredients are very low and must be fortified to meet the accepted nutritional standards for dogs and cats to sustain life.
  5. Dangerous substances are added to standard processed pet foods.Preservatives, additives, colors, flavor enhancers and other dangerous non-nutritive substances are added to these waste ingredients to extend their shelf life and make them palatable. Then they are cleverly marketed under the guise of veterinarian recommendation and endorsement as the best foods you can feed your pets.Many people, including animal nutritionists and veterinarians, are realizing that the commercial pet food industry is not necessarily providing the optimal diet for health and longevity of dogs and cats.