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  • What about risks such as Toxoplasmosis, E. coli and Salmonella?

What about risks such as Toxoplasmosis, E. coli and Salmonella?

Risks are almost non-existent to healthy adult animals. These risks mainly affect a pet which is already severely ill, severely stressed, has a compromised immune system due to an immune disorder, or is taking immuno-suppressive drugs such as steroids.  We recommend these animals be fed cooked, home-prepared foods until they are drug-free and measures have been taken to boost the immune system using supporting herbs and supplements.  Once there are visible signs that health has improved, raw food may be introduced.

Dogs and Cats have digestive systems designed to handle and destroy many bacteria that are harmful to humans, such as Salmonella and E. coli. They have a short, harsh digestive tract, which easily digests raw animal protein, fat and bones, stomach contents of pray animals, feces of other species, and partially decomposed carcasses.

Our foods contain only human grade meats and are frozen solid in order to ensure any Toxoplasma Gondii (Protozoan Coccidium) that may exist are destroyed. To read an article written by Larry Bernstein, DVM, on the risks of Toxoplasmosis in Raw Meat Diets, see the following web address:http://www.naturalholistic.com/handouts/neospora.htm.

Fresh Is Best® Natural Pet Food is a raw meat product and should be handled as such. Always wash dishes, utensils, surfaces and hands with hot soapy water and allow time to dry thoroughly. Keep away from children, those with compromised immune systems and away from human food.

We recommend that every pet be given a digestive enzyme and probiotics prior to and during transition to a raw food diet. This will help friendly bacteria colonize in the intestines of your pet and help build a stronger immune system.  Ultimately, the use probiotics and essenital fatty acids (quality fish oil and coconut oil) should be continued for the duration of a pet's life regardless of what food it eats.