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  • What are the benefits of feeding raw food to my pet?

What are the benefits of feeding raw food to my pet?

Caregivers of dogs and cats who have switched their pets to raw food diets have noticed many positive results. This list is just a sampling:

  • Overweight pets often loose weight as the carbohydrates are removed from the diet; thin pets gain muscle mass given the high quality protein and fat.
  • Pets often stop having painful allergic reactions, which manifest through the skin and GI tract, and become more comfortable and symptom free.
  • Hyper pets can become calmer, as many behavioral problems related to allergies can be dramatically reduced or eliminated with species appropriate nutrition.
  • Lethargic pets often gain much more energy and personality due to the nutrient dense food and enjoyment they get from eating it.
  • Pets with body odor and bad breath often become fresh and clean smelling as their entire body chemistry changes with the introduction of fresh raw food.
  • Pets with dull, dry and course coats will often become more shiny, lustrous and soft to the touch; along with that, their skin becomes more supple.
  • Many pets experience a strengthening of their immune system, which seems to reduce or eliminate symptoms of chronic ailments such as arthritic and joint stiffness, and digestive problems such as inflammatory diseases of the bowel.
  • Your pet will experience a better quality of life with a variety of food in its bowl each day just, as you and I can get joy and comfort in our many choices of fresh foods.