Hello Stacy,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your food, and what a difference your efforts have made for both my cat and my dog.

I had initially contacted you approximately one year ago because my 1.5 year old dog had severe allergies, and it had been suggested that I try a raw diet for him. You were wonderful about talking to me and answering my questions, and I appreciated it very much! In the course of trying it, you suggested I look into something called VetNAET. Since neither my dog nor I was getting any sleep any more, and he had scratched himself raw in patches over various parts of his body, I was feeling desperate for any possible leads. I checked into VetNAET which led me Dr. Jan Harkins in Reedsburg, WI. Yes, I made a four-hour round trip weekly for several months so that she and her Chinese medicine consultant could work with my dog, Elliott. Through acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and a (temporarily) severely restricted raw diet, they were able to help his body heal. He is doing great now! I remember the thin, partially bald dog I had last year and can hardly believe it is the same one. (I definitely recommend Dr. Harkins and her “team”!) I have continued feeding him a home-made raw diet, and I have no intention of ever going back to commercial dog food!!

But, the neatest thing of all is what I have seen your food do for my cat! I was impressed enough by conversations I had with you and other friends of mine who were feeding a raw diet to their dogs to try it with my cat as well. I felt that my best option for her was your food, so I gave it a try. She was a 10 year old cat who should have weighed about 9 lbs. She was up to 13 ½ lbs, despite my efforts of feeding “light” dry cat food (for several years). Her hair coat was dull and felt dirty to my touch, and no amount of effort on my part could get her to play any more. She preferred to curl up in the back room of my house and just lay there all day. She had been like that for about 8 years, and I really missed the playful, affectionate cat I used to have. I took away her dry cat food and started offering her your food. It took about a day and a half before she was willing to even try it. And then, after she tried it, she liked it but about 3 days later, she became quite sick. I wondered about “detox”, and waited it out, coaxing her to eat anything I could get her to try. (Being an overweight cat, I didn’t’ want her to fast for too long…) She came out of it, and wow, you should see her now! She is down to the 9 lbs she should weigh, her coat is soft and shiny again, her eyes are bright and clear, and she is playful and affectionate again! She has turned into a Velcro-lap-cat anytime I sit down anywhere, any time, and if I pick up a cat toy, she comes to life. She has even started playing with the dog!

I hope other people have as much success with their pets and your food as I have had. Thank you!