Freeze Dried Chicken Feet

Both Dogs and Cats love Freeze Dried Whole Chicken Feet. 

Each package is approximately a full pound of raw meat before moisture is removed.

For Dogs and Cats

  • Freeze dried whole chicken feet are good for recreational chewing, providing natural teeth cleaning and supplemental food for dogs and cats.  
  • Optional: rehydrate by soaking in a dish of water in the refrigerator overnight - resulting in fresh, raw chicken feet.
  • If fed dry, make sure pets have access to fresh water. 


Chicken Feet

Feeding Info

approx 54 calories each
serving size: approximately 1
servings per jar: approx 20

Always Feed under supervision. Feed in a location where multiple pets will not be in competition for food, causing gulping/swallowing without chewing. Always make sure pets have access to fresh water.

All of our freeze-dried, grain-free meat treats are a healthy snack for both dogs and cats. Made from the same human-quality, USDA meats as our pet foods, these treats possess the nutrition and flavor of raw meat, yet there's no need for refrigeration. Keep in sealed container in a cool, dry, dark location.